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NBSTRN Newborn Screening (NBS) Virtual Summit 2020

The NBS Virtual Summit 2020 featured nine talks describing ground-breaking research, important advocacy efforts and transformative clinical and public health practice.

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Day 1 Summit Speaker Videos

Reducing False-Positive Results in Newborn Metabolic Screening using Machines Learning
Curt Scharfe, MD, PhD
Newborn Screening Case: Hearing Loss
Tracy Trotter, MD, FAAP
Leveraging Partnerships to Create a Successful Newborn Screening Program for MPS
Terri Klein, NPGC

Day 2 Summit Speaker Videos

Newborn Screening for Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Ensuring Optimal Outcomes
Dr. Jennifer Kwon
Genomic Causes of the Broken Hearts
Wendy Chung, MD, PhD
The Intersection of Prenatal Genomics and Newborn Screening
Jessica L. Giordano, Ms, CGC and Ronald J. Wapner, MD

Day 3 Summit Speaker Videos

SCID Newborn Screening: Leading the Way, Navigating the Future
Lynn Albizo, JD, John Boyle, MA, and Alissa Huston, MPH
Using a Deliberative Community Engagement Model for Constituent Involvement in Newborn Screening Programming
Kimberly Noble Piper, RN, CPH, CPHG
Examining Newborn Screening Through the History of Newborn Screening for Sickle Cell Diseases
Michele Lloyd-Puryear, MD, PhD

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